Some of you may know that I’m a certified Reiki practitioner. I have practiced Reiki for over 15 years, since doing Level I in New Zealand and finally finishing my masters in Los Angeles in 2014.

What I find fascinating is that each Chakra (the major spinning energy wheels/vortexes in the body) has it’s own frequency.

In Reiki we learn that everything is energy and everything has its own vibration.

Being a musician as well has made me look deeper into frequencies and notes and how they correlate with our own energy.

Much has been written about the 528hz frequency and how it can promote healing and a return to an optimum resonance. In Reiki the solar plexus chakra is associated with 528hz and the color yellow.

528hz is also correlated with the note C! Every other chakra in the body also correlates with a note. I love that!

There is much to be said about healing by use of vibration and frequency and restoring cells back to their original healthy state.

After all, stress and dis-ease also has a vibration and can affect the healthy cells of the body.

I’m not a medical expert and this is not medical advice at all, but I believe there are some truths here for those that wish to look.