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SAT 3/18

Kathryn Hopkins, Intl Singer/Songwriter from Down Under, featured on DrDebzz Show at 

12M-1A/3A-4A PST.  

Kathryn reveals what she believes is the key to finding and keeping the love you deserve, and offers advice for aspiring artists.

Dr Debzz

In her opening shpiel, DrDebzz discusses accepting others exactly as they are without expecting them to change and the 6th Language of Love applicable to Parenting.

Guest callers seek advice for what’s keeping them from sweet soft slumber. Write in questions are addressed. Weekly WOW’s (Words of Wisdom) and esteem builders are presented to build confidence.

Sleepless in Studio City

By tuning in & turning on to “
Sleepless in Studio City,” SATURDAYS 12M-1A/3A-4A PST experience late night talk radio in its true form. Lift your spirits, illuminate your mind, transform your thoughts, & inspire creativity.

Listen while watching a soothing serene slide show.

NEWEST EDITION on “The ‘Sixth’ Language of Love: Sharing Secret Sensitivities.”

Hear other 5-min segments

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Sleepless in Studio City Reviews:
“Wow, that’s all I can say!! You helped me SO much. 
I feel like a new person.”
“Check out my friend Debzz new radio show, she’s a pistol!”
“Awesome show!! Your forever fan!”
“It was enlightening!”
“Debzz you are phenomenol! Love your energy!”
“OK I confess…I was a guest caller last Saturday Night…
Sleepless in Studio City. It was hilarious.”
“You’re worth a million!”
“I indulged myself in listening to some of your podcasts in itunes and consider myself quite fortunate to have heard someone so 
spiritually alive and giving LOVE to humanity.”
“Thank you again so much for the toolsyou gave me & the encouragement.”
“Entertaining as always. You turned lemons into lemonade.”
“What a wonderful feature. Thank you. You have such a warm lovely way of speaking and presenting music. So soulful. Great show!” 
“Loved your show tonight. Caught the last half hour-the woman with an issue with her sister. You handled it very well. You’re really good at that, and also, radio talented in your pace & control of the talk.”
“Thank You DrDebzz for all your advice.
It got me to see things from another perspective.”
“I finally got a chance to hear it. Wow girl, I didn’t know you were 
doing a whole DrDebzz, fix the world kind of talk show thing. 
How wonderful. I really enjoyed it!”
“Powerful Stuff. Great help, Great!”
“I listened to your show last night, my absolute favorite part was the talk you had with your audience BEFORE your caller. Those EXACT 
issues hit home for most of us. Keep on………….”
“Kudos on your fab show… you’re marvelous.”
“You gave me organization and validation. You are great.”
“I really liked the show when I heard it in it’s entirety! You have a great energy for radio! What’s funny is that when I’ve gone to therapy they said to NOT mention to men I date that I’m a caregiver for my mom, until I get to know them well…and I agree with you to start immediately with honesty, so you don’t waste time!”
“What great feedback and service your show provides.”
“Your wisdom & teachings over ‘The empty verses full well’ are certainly coming in handy right now, especially when dealing with my parents. Your lifelong gift is helping me to cope with them.”
“Just listened to the show. Fantastic! Thank you for all your kind words.”
“I was actually DrDebzz first guest caller! I was pleased from the 
results of her helpful, constructive, and professional advice.”
“Excellent show left me with your amazing wisdom for the holidays.”

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Sweet dreams!