hollywood palm trees
Hello!  This is my first post from my newly upgraded wordpress website, posting from Los Angeles, where I live now.  The land of palm trees and of course the big Hollywood sign!  There is so much going on here and I’ve been quite impressed by the calibre of musicians I’ve met.  The live music scene is alive and well, with loads of opportunities for those ready to go out there and grab them.  Surprisingly, for such a big place and so many people, the jazz scene is quite close knit and everyone tends to know everyone and I’ve been fortunate to have been introduced to a few iconic musicians.  Live music is happening most nights of the week and regular jam sessions around town, with open invitations to sit in.

It still is a big city.  So much bigger than my origins in New Zealand and Australia.  The fact that there are more people in LA than New Zealand and Australia combined blew my mind at first and took some getting used to.

Next up I’m going to hear a few big bands and hope to sit in with them.  I’m also looking for some musicians to team up with for some regular gigs and who don’t mind getting together to rehearse.

It’s taken a good year to settle into Los Angeles and now I’m ready to create.

Hope to see you out there!  Feel free to connect via the contact page.

All the best,