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Reall Sweet Jazz Productions.

There’s a new project underway in Los Angeles and it’s real sweet.  In fact, it’s Maryanne Reall Sweet Jazz Productions, an on-going concert series that promotes arts advocacy and fair artist pay.

The fact that many jazz artists struggle today and are exploited is what inspired Reall’s vision to create “intimate concerts” which focus on the “experience” of the audience AND the artist.

The business is really about Arts Advocacy and creating community, specifically the performance art of Live Jazz. Her goal is to promote and create environments conducive to live Jazz performances –while ensuring artists are well compensated– and to introduce this treasured art form and make it accessible to diverse audiences.  “Most of all, we will use the power of art to bring people together,” says Reall.

Intimate House Concerts.

The first concert took place in August 2015 under a starlit summer sky, titled “Under the Stars”.


under the stars crowd shot

Reall created ambiance and delight with high quality sound equipment to enhance heartfelt jazz vocals, “real” instrumentation, including percussion and an acoustic standup bass, mood and stage lighting and even chandeliers in the trees. It was an overwhelming success.


It was the enthusiasm and positive feedback from everyone involved that inspired Reall to pursue it as an on-going concert series and to create Maryanne Reall Sweet Jazz Productions.


The second concert in the series took place recently on March 12th titled “SPRING AHEAD INTIMATE HOUSE CONCERT”


reall-sweet-jazz-white-dressHere’s what people had to say after attending the Spring Ahead Intimate House Concert.

“Maryanne is the type of performer that exudes joy. She makes you sense that she is happy to be on stage sharing her passion for song. Last night’s concert was special because it was in an intimate setting that felt more like a jazz salon than a club.”

“I wanted to say Brava for a great evening on Saturday.  The beautiful setting created the perfect ambiance for an intimate evening of music.  I loved the selection of music you chose to perform.  Many highlights for me – can’t remember them all – when you said, “That was fun” when the creative muse took you away – pretty spectacular – and the Billy Holiday moments were amazing.  The musicians were also incredible.  A really enjoyable evening.”   Mark
reall-sweet-jazz-maryanne-singing“I enjoyed your performance last night so very much!! I have no musical intelligence but love to be entertained. It was a wonderful evening.  Hope you keep in touch and let the world know where and when you do that again. The house was such an unusual, perfect place to do something like that. It was a new experience for me. Again, you all were fantastic! Thank you.” Nancy

“I had a wonderful time last night at Maryanne Reall’s ‘Intimate House Concert’! She was utterly charming singing a mix of jazz, blues, and r+b (Maryanne, I loved your rendition of ‘sweet thing!). Mark Massey (piano) and Richard Simon (bass) were the perfect accompanists, adding a good dose of musical wit and fun to the melange. It was a perfect way to get ready to Spring Ahead! “ Mayita

And true to our vision: even the musicians appreciate the opportunity:

“Just wanted to thank you for including me in last night’s festivities.  It was lots of fun working with you and Mark ( piano player).  I think we found a comfortable zone that allowed for both gravity and levity, sacred and profane, solemn and slightly silly.  Hope to do it again! ”    Richard Simon, Bass Player for the eve


What’s next?





Reall is in the process of raising funds to accomplish her goals; producing 3 concerts this year, purchasing sound equipment, investing in marketing and website development, all the while creating a sustainable business model. To do this, she is utilizing the crowdfunding loan platform KIVA ZIP, a progressive financing option where Entrepreneurs receive 0% interest loans based on their character, not creditworthiness. The Entrepreneur invites contacts from their own network initially to establish credibility and once they hit a certain threshold the loan goes public on the KIVA ZIP site and has the potential to attract new lenders. Currently, Reall has attracted 42 lenders, she is 71% toward her goal of raising $5000 dollars with only 10 days left, so time is of the essence. Loan amounts start at $25 and your support ( from $25-100) will now be matched by a generous KIVA lender who resonates with her mission and again this is a loan, so you will get your money back! So, what are you waiting for? Support LIVE JAZZ, LIVE PEOPLE SINGING and PLAYING REAL INSTRUMENTS in Intimate settings there’s really nothing like it.

Click here to read more about the background and vision of the business, or to learn more about becoming a lender.

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Written by Kathryn Hopkins