Strawberry Fields Event – Artisan Cheese Gallery, Sherman Oaks

Friday April 8th 7PM—9PM

Artisan Cheese Gallery, Studio City

Reserve Now! (818) 505-0207


Come join us as we bring the Beatles back to life with a jazz vibe in a relaxed atmosphere, while partaking some of the tasty treats Artisan Cheese Gallery is renowned for and reminiscing on some of life’s playful moments.

We’ll be playing some well known Beatles tunes with our own unique spin, as well as some standards.

Strawberry Fields conjurs up images of hazy, warm, sunny afternoons, the sound of children playing, the scent of spring flowers wafting through a gentle breeze and of luscious green fields, dotted with rows of juicy strawberries. While the song title conjurs up these images, there is a deeper meaning to the song, that tells a story about Lennon’s childhood.  Strawberry Fields, ‘nothing is real and nothing to get hung about’.
ron hershewe

Joining me will be LA’s esteemed Ron Hershewe on guitar.  Ron Hershewe has played with the best of them; Buddy Collette, the Mills brothers, Johnny Mathis, Rich Little and many others.  He has been a performing and touring musician for many years and is very well respected by other guitar players and thought of as one of the best playing today. In addition to jazz, Ron has great fun playing Latin, Brazilian and other styles of music.

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