In the spirit of collaboration, myself and two other songbirds joined together to showcase another of The Triad Sessions, this time at Bar Fedora and Saturday Night Jazz DTLA curated by Cathy Segal-Garcia. Here’s a little snippet of us rehearsing Blue Skies.  Having a natural leaning towards harmony and a lot of experience singing three part… Read More

Every now and then I get the chance to sit in around Los Angeles at various live music events.  On this night, I had the pleasure to sit in and someone happened to take a sneaky video of me singing Pokerdots and Moonbeams.     For me, the chance to sing and be creative with other… Read More

  BeatleJazz – January 22 @ 8pm Vitello’s E-Spot I am thrilled to be co-producing my first show at Vitello’s E-Spot Lounge in Studio City, Los Angeles with my dear friend Gary Brumburgh on Jan 22. Gary and I both have a love of the Beatles music and he approached me to do this show following… Read More

Join us for an evening of elegant Jazz in this private Chatsworth residence.  Rebecca and Kathryn have collaborated to bring together some of the finest musicians to entertain and delight you with their steaming, swinging tunes.   You’ll enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and vibe, while being able to mingle and chat at your leisure.  Light… Read More

                Strawberry Fields Event – Artisan Cheese Gallery, Sherman Oaks Friday April 8th 7PM—9PM Artisan Cheese Gallery, Studio City Reserve Now! (818) 505-0207 Come join us as we bring the Beatles back to life with a jazz vibe in a relaxed atmosphere, while partaking some of the tasty treats… Read More

You don’t have to dig very deep to uncover the rich history of Jazz Clubs in Los Angeles, with its fascinating stories of Jazz in the ‘City of Angels’.  From the early contributions of New Orleans migrants, the emergence of a thriving jazz scene in the heart of the African American community along Central Avenue in the 1920s, the halcyon… Read More